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Weekly or Bi-Monthly
- Enter deposits and payments
- Enter payables and receivables
- Enter payroll/create payroll checks
- Deposit Federal payroll taxes and withholdings (if a semi-monthly depositor)
- Follow up on any past due accounts and email reminder statements

- Deposit Federal payroll taxes and withholdings (if a monthly depositor)
- Deposit State payroll withholdings (if a monthly depositor)
- Enter principle and interest on any loan payments
- Review A/R and create customer statements or email reminder invoices
- Review A/P statements against possible missing or past due invoices to be paid
- Reconcile all bank and credit card accounts
- Create/review monthly profit and loss and balance sheet statements
- Create/review monthly inventory, sales, and other reports
- (Nonprofits & some for-profits) Do monthly cost allocation

- Prepare all quarterly payroll reports, including 941’s, RT-6's, SUTA, etc. and pay any balance due
- If FUTA exceeds the threshold for annual filing, file and pay FUTA tax
- Reconcile payroll liability accounts against quarterly reports
- Deposit Federal and State payroll taxes and withholdings (if a quarterly depositor)
- Reconcile and pay sales and/or meals tax (quarterly filers only)

- Prepare all year-end payroll and vendor statements, including W-2’s,
- Prepare all year-end subcontractor forms 1099’s, 1096’s, etc.
- File and pay FUTA (form 940)
- File and pay sales or meals taxes (if an annual filer)
- Verify and update employee withholding and address information
- Update year-end inventory and capital assets in the books

■ Entry of up to 125 transactions
■ Up to 2 Checking, 1 Savings ​​​​​​​​​​​​
■ 1 Credit Card 
■ Vendor payments by online banking
■ Client Invoice creation
■ Prepare Monthly Financial Statements
■ Reconciliation of all accounts​​​​​​​​​​

$399/Monthly or

Bussiness Essentials